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Brilliant! I am late for a meeting but was so taken by your excellent insights and beautiful crafting of this argument that I couldn't stop reading. I have so much to respond to in what you say. But in brief: In my work with clients of all walks of life with mixed constituencies, the first thing we have to do is to develop a common language, where we all understand the 'terms of art' if only for the duration of our project or session. My team and I have learned that this cannot always be done so directly but to engage the participants in an exercise which allows each to demonstrate and share their worldview in a condensed form and time. Then in natural generosity, free and unimposed, people gravitate towards speaking the same language in order to be understood, much like the impulse as described in your prelude of Augustine.

I've often wondered how do we get that kind of commonality of terms in the public discourse but have yet to see anyone else be aware or address it as succinctly or as beautifully as you just have. Thank you kindly for sharing your wisdom!

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